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Firm History & Culture

GPI was formed by a team of geoprofessionals who have served markets throughout the intermountain west for the last three decades. We are committed to the communities we serve and live in, and we take pride in our pursuit of excellence on the projects we serve. GPI’s differentiator stems from thriving and energetic staff seeking new heights for our clients and themselves. Our collective success is based on three primary commitments:

• Innovation

• Professionalism

• Employee Excellence


GeoProfessional Innovation

Innovation resonates when seasoned, qualified individuals who are passionate about providing solutions to age-old challenges view them with a fresh perspective, in a project-specific context. Conservative designs, often driven by disinterested or distant geoprofessionals, can drastically increase foundation, earthwork, and shoring costs without commensurate reductions in risk. However, our engineers - specialists in earth science - have proven to offer alternative and innovative solutions that can reduce your investment. Our service model includes bridging design and construction via maintaining design continuity. Thorough testing and inspection throughout construction is crucial to providing quality assurance and peace of mind. Our construction testing leaders take a proactive approach to meeting the needs of each unique project by offering flexible scheduling options, providing dedicated professionals, and seeking efficient solutions to testing and inspection requirements. Further, GPI tailors our geoprofessional applications focusing on solutions and efficiency without succumbing to prescriptive design or testing methodology. Collectively, these innovations have proven to support clients and project teams over the years with flexible schedules, scopes tailored to meet mandated budgets, and innovation that consistently brings efficiency to the table.


Our Team



Travis Wambeke, PE, PG, MBA

Travis is GPI’s Chief Executive Officer, providing overall corporate vision and leadership for a diverse staff. He has 25+ years’ experience with geotechnical engineering projects throughout the intermountain west (Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Oregon). Specialization areas include geologic risk evaluation, geotechnical design optimization, business acquisition, and client relations. Technical expertise includes geologic characterization, intermediate and deep foundations, developing practical solutions to soil-related earthwork and foundation construction challenges, environmental assessments, site monitoring, and geotechnical continuity through construction.



Engineering Services Manager

Andy Abrams, PE

Andy brings 15 years’ experience of providing sound, innovate solutions to the geotechnical engineering field. Andy’s areas of specialization include evaluating settlement and stability of embankments on fine-grained soil, embankment seepage, ground improvement methods, deep and shallow foundations, slope stabilization and retaining wall design. Andy has used his expertise and geologic knowledge to support owners and project teams in a variety of project delivery mechanisms, including design-build, GC/CM, and design-bid-build. Andy’s ability to represent project stakeholders while finding innovative solutions to aid designers and contractors adds value to each project he engineers.


Environmental Services Manager

Josh Kannenberg, PG, LG

Josh has 15+ years’ experience conducting Phase I and Phase II environmental site assessments (ESA’s) and environmental sampling projects on industrial facilities, fueling stations, commercial properties, agricultural land, multi-tenant apartment complexes, single family residences, easements, and undeveloped land. Josh is also adept at industrial hygiene monitoring, incremental soil sampling, multi-tiered QA/QC, asbestos surveys, indoor air quality surveys, lead inspections, abatement oversight, environmental drilling oversight and sampling, geotechnical sample collection, and environmental remediation projects.



Construction Services Manager

Rick Henderson, CWI, MSI

Rick coordinates and performs field testing and inspection activities, including aggregate base course, concrete, steel, and asphalt. Rick brings a commitment to communicate with clients in a cooperative manner to assist with scheduling and to provide timely daily reports to keep the team updated with our latest findings and results.


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Office Administrator

Alicia Cass

If you call our office or receive our deliverables, chances are good you interact with Alicia. She’s been providing project administration for our team for 5+ years, and is adept at document quality control, invoicing, and customer service. She is well-versed in our real-time accounting, project management, and field reporting software, but her passion lies in streamlining innovative, high-tech solutions for project scheduling, reporting, and delivery.